What to Expect & What to Wear

What to Expect & Wear

During our session you can expect a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I want you to feel at ease and enjoy yourself during our time together. I like to get to know my clients and capture their true personalities. With families and children you can expect both posed shots and candids.


Please expect to take breaks if infants and small children are involved. Infants often need breaks to nurse or feed and just get some love from mom and dad. Toddlers sometimes have meltdowns and don’t want to cooperate. That is okay! This is expected with children of this age and this is the norm with sessions with small children.


With small children it is a good idea to bring their favorite snack and/or toy(s) if we’re meeting at an outdoor location. Sometimes the best shots are of your child being natural and playing with mom, dad or siblings. They also come in handy if your toddler has a meltdown and just needs a break to play and let the mood pass.


With newborns it is almost impossible to avoid accidents such as spit up or getting wet with a naked baby. So, don’t worry, this too is expected and I will have several blankets on hand for infant sessions to swap in/out. Make sure to have handy wet wipes and diapers. Newborn sessions typically last three hours, so please plan accordingly. It is best to turn the heat on (even in the summer months to around 80 degrees to keep baby nice and warm while in their birthday suit. If parents and/or siblings would like to participate in the newborn session, we will get those photos taken care of first, so please let me know if you plan on participating.


Here are a few suggestions for what to wear/bring for your session…

-Nude is best
-Fun hats/head bands
-A simple onesy if you have a favorite
-For mom, a simple black or white tank, short-sleeved shirt or tube top is perfect. Simple is best, avoid patterns.
-For dad, a black or white t-shirt. For those dads that are comfortable bearing their chest please do because these can make for some of the most precious images with father and child.

-Denim jeans (maternity jeans or an old pair that you can button down or unzip for photos)
-Basic tank top
-Flirty sun dress
-White button down blouse
-Bathing suit top and fun skirt (if the weather is warm)
-Yoga pants
-Just remember, simple goes a long way
-Blocks that spell baby’s name
-Sonogram photos(s)
-Baby shoes
-Special items you would like to be photographed with

Families and Children
-Accessories, such as headbands, scarves, jewelry, jackets and hats can really add to your look
-Avoid all white or all black color combos
-Avoid matching outifts, but rather try to find outfits that compliment each other
-Avoid clothing with logos and busy patterns that will distract
-Color! Splashes of color really make your photos pop!
-Fun, flirty dress
-Props – if you have fun props, such as antique family items or items with special meaning you’d like included, please feel free to bring them